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Job 1 Jan, 2015
Help with job page

On this page you may search for jobs by keyword in the "What" section, or by location in the "Where" section. For example, if you would like to search for all computer programming jobs, type "computer programming" into the "What" section. If you would like a job in Tamarindo, Costa Rica (who could blame you?), type "Tamarindo" in the "Where" section. To search all computer programming jobs in Tamarindo, complete both the "Where" and the "What" sections. You may also search by country ("Costa Rica") or region ("Guanacaste"), or use the "advanced search" option to search according to other criteria such as language, duration, etc..

If you would like to post a job or manage your account, follow the links provided.

Advanced Search

Jobs should fit like your favorite Hawaiian shirt. In the advanced search, you may customize your job search according to location, industry, language, knowledge requirements, time, or any combination of the above. In the "Text" section, you may also search by keyword.

When you find a job you like, follow the "Manage your jobs" link to apply. If you are posting a job, follow the "Post a job" link. So easy.